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It takes a lot of helping hands with warm hearts to get dogs from tough situations into the right forever home. Our dogs are grateful for the help.

Foster parents commit to:

  • Caring for their foster dog until the right home is found, including providing socialization and training. Sometimes this is quick. With some dogs it takes longer. We work to be sure it's the right home

  • Transporting dogs to and from vet appointments and potentially meet-and-greets with potential adopters. Our vets are located in Yorba Linda and in the Cherry Valley area. 

  • Staying connected with the foster coordinator to ensure that fosters get the right care. This includes making sure to reach out when there are questions (there are no stupid questions), maintaining the dog's diet and medications per the rescue's protocol, and letting the rescue know if there is a vacation planned where the foster needs temporary accommodations.


We support foster parents by:

  • Striving to match the foster dog with the lifestyle of the foster parents, as much as possible.

  • Providing medical care and food for foster dogs. 

  • Networking the foster dog so that potential adopters are aware of the dog.

  • Being available to answer questions, coach, and support our foster families.

The Huffington Post wrote a fun article about the benefits of fostering. 




Contact us to apply to be a foster and save a life.


​​Help us match herders to humans! Contact us if you need more information about how to be part of the Helping Herders family.


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