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2016 Herders Results

We care about every dog that comes into our rescue. They are family, after all, as are each and every adopter.

Helping Herders Rescue is also a 501c3 that takes very seriously the support and kindness of donors. Therefore, we strive to use every dollar to directly benefit animals. To more closely view our 2016 results, click on any image to the right in order to enlarge it.

2016 was a year of happy families. 65 dogs came into rescue and were adopted into wonderful families. For another 19 dogs, Helping Herders Rescue helped get them from a tough situation  to a stable situation with our rescue partners.

In 2016, Helping Herders Rescue received two generous donations that allowed us to purchase a van. With that van, purchased in late August, we have been able to transport 70 animals either directly into the Helping Herders Rescue family or to a rescue partner. In one instance, the size of our van allowed us to facilitate the rescue of 16 small dogs at once from a hoarding situation to a kind rescue partner.

Many thanks to our adopters, now family, our supporters, and the amazing fosters who have opened their homes and hearts to make sure that our dogs get the best start in their new lives. Without you, the happy faces behind these numbers would not be possible.


The Helping Herders Board of Directors

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